Check it out, you’re from out of town… you’re here for a night or two… no problem.  Come hang w/ us.  But if you prefer to just do your own thing, here is some direction that will be better than the Hard Rock CafĂ©:

Pizza: Antico (BYOB)
Mexican: Mi Barrio
Nachos & Beer: Elmyr
Chinese: Tasty China  (BYOB)
Seafood: The Optimist
Vietnamese: Quoc Huong (cash only)
Breakfast: Ria’s Bluebird or Waffle House, yo.
Blue Southern: Colonnade
Fancy Southern: Empire State South
Fancy by a River: Canoe
Fancy in Buckhead: St. Cecilia

Bar Hopping: Edgewood Ave (hip) Or Crescent Ave (college)
Cocktails and Foodie Bar: Holeman & Finch
Our Team Bar (you’ll find us here on Thursdays): The Rusty Nail
Rooftop Bar: 5 Seasons Midtown
Democrat Bar: Manuel’s Tavern
Dance: MJQ
Rock: Star Bar / Earl / 529

Good luck.  There's a lot of good stuff in Atlanta, so this list is all over the place.  If you want some up-to-date professional options, skip yelp and go to the folks at Eater Atlanta