Foundation: 1990-1993
Whitney Foster, Peter Gordon, Ed Hirsch, John Testa, Ed Opalach, Jerry Mujica and other "post collegiate" players form the Atlanta WPC, aka Georgia Tech Water Polo. Program grows rapidly over the next year including large growth of GT undergraduate participation. Atlanta WPC starts hosting tournaments, including several Zone Championships, and starts to build a reputation as a great host. ATL WPC sends squads to several USWP Indoor National Championships (’92, ’93). In 1992 ATL WPC becomes the only water polo team in the U.S. sponsored by PowerBar as part of the company’s TEAM Elite program. 

Moving On Up: 1994-1995
More and more GT students join the club and playing time becomes an issue. Knowing that it was in the best interest of those GT student who wanted to play, ATL WPC moved on to help start club water polo at nearby Emory University. After just over a year Emory student participation soars and the "post collegiate" players again decide to move on. In just over 2 years ATL WPC has been critical in the foundation of three new water polo clubs in Atlanta: Georgia Tech, Emory (men) and Emory (women). 

Home Sweet Home: 1995-1999
About the time the ATL WPC was getting ready to leave Emory, Stephen Andreades calls to see if ATL WPC would want to move to Dynamo, with him as coach. Stephen arrives in Atlanta and begins coaching at the Dynamo Swim Club and ATL WPC becomes Dynamo WPC. Dynamo WPC continues to grow in size and stature. Coach Andreades often has 25+ players in the water at one time. The Dynamo Swim Center is the Water Polo practice venue for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Legacy to DWPC includes Olympic competition lane lines, ball carries, nets and referee platforms. Most of these items were purchased at auction by Coach Andreades as the major water polo equipment (goals, team benches, etc.) were "donated" by ACOG to a SW U.S. water polo program. Many DWPC players are 1996 Olympic Games water polo volunteers (competition, results, athlete services, etc) and have a great time. Dynamo WPC hosts the first PowerBar Cup in 1998 and is the leader in a two-year effort to launch the Southern Water Polo League (open men) in the SE Zone. Dynamo WPC starts the Georgia Water Polo League in 1999. 1999 sees Dynamo WPC help start the fifth water polo program in the metro area, The Atlanta Rainbow Trout. Dynamo WPC players accept head and assistant coaching positions with Georgia Tech (Frazier Anderson) and both Emory programs (Rob Swingle and Meg Trexler with the Emory Women and Mike Chester with the Emory Men). After the conclusion of a very successful 1999 PowerBar Cup, Coach Andreades leaves Atlanta to become head coach of an aquatics program in East Georgia. 

Only Change Is Permanent: 2000-2003
Great change was in the air for Dynamo WPC in 2000. Without a coach for the first time in 5 years the athletes struggled to run their own program again. Participation numbers dipped a bit as everyone adjusts to the new “coach yourself” environment. In early 2000 Dynamo Swim Center covered the outdoor 50 meter pool with the unique "Dynadome" structure. Goodbye Speedo tans but hello year-round access to all meters, all deep pool time! The PowerBar Cup grows every year, and becomes the SE Zone’s most-entered open men’s tournament (The 2001 PBC turned away 12 teams). Dynamo WPC continues to be one of the most recognized and active clubs in the SE. Former DWPC player Rob Swingle turns his coaching hobby into a career with the Emory women’s team. Emory quickly becomes a very competitive club program. DWPC player Ed Opalach becomes Emory men’s team head coach in 2001.

Onward & Upward: 2004-Present
Led by Manny Torres, a core group of DWPC athletes rebuild a stable environment, then move the club to new heights. The PowerBar Cup continues as a highlight of the annual calendar and sometimes serves as the USWP SE Zone Championship tournament. DWPC reinstates its spring/early summer home tournament and begins more active scrimmage and joint practice sessions with Atlanta Rainbow Trout, UGA and GT. In 2006, DWPC began to compete in “masters” (ages 30+) water polo tournaments in addition to their regular schedule. The “Dynosaurs” first year included a fantastic trip to the FINA Masters World Championships. DWPC athletes serve as head coaches at UGA (Ed Opalach) and Georgia Tech (Torres). Led by Mark Lefkow, DWPC also helps restart the Pace Academy (high school) program, start Wheeler H.S. (east Cobb County) and conduct a variety of annual youth clinics. DWPC also began work with the Georgia Games to add water polo to their competitive schedule. How can you add to our history?  Contact the club with more information regarding the history of Dynamo Water Polo. There are many holes in this story to fill!