Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PowerBar Cup is coming

The 19th annual PowerBar Cup is just over a month away.  To get everyone
pumped up, check out this t-shirt from 1993, the third year of our club.  At
the time we were Atlanta Water Polo, based out of the old Georgia Tech
pools.  (An indoor 25 meter pool and an outdoor 50 meter pool).  Both were
replaced by the current GT Aquatic Center for the Centennial Olympic Games
in 1996.

Georgia Killer Whales masters swimmer Bill Lotz was spotted wearing the
shirt earlier this summer.  "It had been undisturbed at the bottom of my
t-shirt drawer for quite some time," explained Bill, "so I thought I'd give
it some fresh air."

The Atlanta Invitational tournament was renamed the PowerBar Cup in 1998 and
the rest is, as they say, history.

If your interested in bringing a Masters Team to this year's tournament check out this page.  The High School bracket is already full!

Dynamo, Dyna-MITE!