Sunday, August 28, 2016

PowerBar 2016 High School Results

St. Pius wins HS division of the 2016 PowerBar Cup!

In a very close 1st place game, which came down to the final seconds, St. Pius wins over the riptides 7-6 in regular time.

13 teams competed in this high school division, with teams from GA, FL, & TN.  Full score details for the tournament can be found here.

HS Standings:

1st - St. Pius8th - APS
2nd - Riptides9th - GAC
3rd - Lakeside10th - Wildcats
4th - Bluff City A11th - North Springs
5th - Southern Crescent12th - Bluff City B
6th - Norcross13th - Collins Hill Girls
7th - Collins Hill