Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dynamo Youth, Represent

This is what Dynamo Youth was up to in June at our first travel tournament competition! 

1. Competed in our first travel tournament for Dynamo Youth at 2016 Florida Sunshine State Games held in Coral Springs, FL (June 24-26) 
2. Girls Finished with a 2-2 record playing 18&u Division.
3. Ethan Roman played for a FL team representing Dynamo (16&u Boys), team was from SEP Orlando and he "metaled" with a 2nd place in his division.

Hannah Rakoski (17) Jess Hume (18), Catherine Hume (18), Jaime Matherson (14), Maddie Ta (14), Clare Wheeler (15), Molly Haynes (14),  Carolina Benoit (17), Allison Vermaak (15), Amanda Mobley (17),and Julianna Friese (17), Ethan Roman (15)