Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dynamo claims 2014 South Atlantic League Championship

June '14:  Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo wins the South Atlantic Coast Water Polo League's culminating event to take home the championship trophy for a second year in a row.  The traveling Dynamo team went undefeated in league play this season, making 2014 another exceptional year for the Atlanta program! Full details of game stats will be available shortly on  

One distinguishing detail of this year's Dynamo squad in Greensboro is that this is a team of new players from last year's effort.  All but four members had not played out with us in 2013!  Our numbers this year's tournament were products of Dynamo's high school program (Kevin, Cavin, Perry, Ian), college inclusion (Neal, Kevin, Mohammad), and new members in Atlanta from other cities (Jeff, Graham, Russ).  This fact highlights two realities:

  1. This is a win for Atlanta as a city! Many people all over town dedicate hours a week to encourage, manage, and coach students (S/O: AK, Andy, Jarod, Stu, Robin, JR, Duggan, Hendley, Neal, Brian, Robert, etc).  Students are showing up to give 110% to yield some exciting times in Atlanta.
  2. The success of coaching and leadership from Leo Panagiotakopoulos! Leo has helped execute a program here at Dynamo that aims to provide a space for multiple generations to intersect in the water polo field with our Dynamo Masters team.  This is tournament the best example we have of this intersection -- a major win for the green team!