Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Powerbar Cup 2013 Standings

We've closed the books for our 15th annual Powerbar Cup.  This yea,r Miami's Riptides won the weekend, winning over Raleigh in the final match.  Dynamo's own came in a close 3rd over Orlando YCF.  Photos and stories from the weekend are still coming in, but right now a congratulations to Riptides for playing a solid weekend of water polo and taking 1st.  We're already planning for 2014's Powerbar Cup, Aug 23-24 2014, and wondering who will be pictured here then!

2013 Powerbar Cup Standings:
1st  Riptides
2nd Triangle Water Polo Club
3rd Dynamo A
4th Orlando YCF
5th Dynamo B
6th Jacksonville
7th Charlotte
8th UF
9thOrlando United
10th GT
11th Gainesville
12th Trout


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