Monday, July 15, 2013

Atlanta Dynamo wins 2013 South Atlantic Coast Championship!

This summer, Greensboro North Carolina was the site of the South Atlantic Coast Championship.  This tournament brought together the best teams in the South Atlantic for a multi-site, multi-weekend competition that determined the best team in the region.   This year Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo claimed the 1st place overall with an undefended record.  Full coverage:

May 19th @Hickory, NC YMCA

May 19:  Dynamo Vs. Charlotte Sharks W (7-2)
May 19  Dynamo Vs. Triad Water Polo W (11-3)
May 19 Dynamo Vs. Triangle Water Polo W (12-3)

Brian Twynham gets open in hole and shoots against Charlotte Sharks @ Hickory 5/19
June 8th & 9th @Greensboro, NC Aquatic Center:
June 8 Dynamo Vs. Baltimove Water Polo Club W (23-13)
June 8 Dynamo Vs. Triangle Water Polo W (9-5)
June 8 Dynamno Vs. Richmond Water Polo W (11-5)
June 9 Dynamo Vs. Charlotte Sharks   W (13-9)

Team photo after series championship game, June 9th @ Greensboro Aquatic Center

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