Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dynamo finishes 1-3 in St. Petersburg, FL

Dynamo's first game was against South Florida.  The team played press defense right off the bat.  Strong hole defending by Kenny provided a solid backbone for the team.  With more power than speed, Dynamo played set offense involving big men, Kiwi and Tony.  The team started off with a few hasty passes into sloughed defenders but quickly adapted and began working the ball around the perimeter for some "first time" shots.  Once they recognized the outside threat, SF began to commit on the perimeter and Dynamo was able to feed the hole.  It was a close game throughout but Dynamo was able to maintain a lead in the fourth quarter and take the game 7-5. 

The next game versus NYAC was not as even.  Dynamo was able to put up a fight in the first quarter, taking a 2-1 lead.  Matt Duggan scored a wicked backhand with two defenders on him.  NYAC, however, proved to be on another level and dominated the rest of the game with endless fast breaks and drives, winning the game 20-5.  The third game was versus the Caribbean All-Stars.  Dynamo continued with a press defense as it had been working quite well.  Meanwhile, CAS played a zone defense and tried to force Dynamo into taking shots past multiple arms.  CAS ended up winning 7-10 in a hard fought game.  On Sunday, Dynamo faced off against Tampa Bay.  Tampa took a commanding lead in the first quarter 4-1.  Dynamo bounced back in the second to even the score.  The second half was more or less a slugfest as both teams scored goal after goal.  A hard earned goal in the fourth quarter by Javi had the team rallying but Dynamo could not catch up and lost 11-13.

The Cinco de Mayo tournament is always a fun time.  Look for us to be back next year!

Special thanks to Brett, Martin, Sarah, Kevin and others who played with us during the weekend!