Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Andy Neff -- Coach of the Month!!!

Yesterday Andy Neff (Dynamo's Sprinter/Lefty Wing/Badass) was named S&R Sport Coach of the Month! http://www.usawaterpolo.org/genrel/102813aae.html

If you're reading this, you likely already know what an amazing all-around guy Andy is, so this should not be a shocker... at all. In addition to being a core member of the Atlanta Dynamo team, Andy donates an enormous amount of his time and energy to coaching Water Polo at Lakeside High School (4 teams!) and the Atlanta Girls Junior Olympic team.

So, thanks goes to Andy! His contribution to Southeast Water Polo is very much felt!!!
Andy coaching Atlanta girls in the 2013 Junior Olympic qualifying round. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Water Polo Sundays

On Sunday we returned to the much-loved tradition of Water Polo Sundays. Once a month, we invite regional college and masters teams for a series of round robin scrimmages.  It should be noted that this is, indeed, one of the greatest forms of free Water Polo ever concocted.  Everyone who shows up knows the deal and is ready to play...
For the first Water Polo Sunday of 2013/14, Dynamo welcomed players from Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Trout Water Polo. After dividing into three teams we rotated through several hard-fought single-period matches over two hours. The teams who rotated out helped with referee duties, and also participated in several teaching opportunities. Several college players were seen working with seasoned Dynamo veterans to further develop their skills and abilities. The morning proved to be a fun and educational scrimmage experience, and was an example of a event that helps bring the southeast water polo community even closer together.
Talk to your team leads.  If you’re interested in participating in Dynamo Water Polo Sundays, we’re hosting our next one October 20th. Please contact Neal Laxpati (nlaxpat.archive at gmail dot com) for more information and to register. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo Undefeated at 2013 Hillbilly Classic (Knoxville, TN)

The University of Tennessee Volunteers hosted a twenty-four team tournament this year. Dynamo started playing at 3pm on Saturday and six matches later, Dynamo came out 1st. Many of the games were settled in the final minutes of the 4th quarter – making this a very exciting weekend of water polo.

Dynamo vs. Outlawz (Chicago) 14 - 1
Dynamo vs. Perdue Alum 5-3
Dynamo vs. Richmond 12-2
Dynamo vs. Notre Dame 6-3
Dynamo vs. Grand Valley 6-4
Dynamo vs. Michigan State 6-4

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Powerbar Cup 2013 Standings

We've closed the books for our 15th annual Powerbar Cup.  This yea,r Miami's Riptides won the weekend, winning over Raleigh in the final match.  Dynamo's own came in a close 3rd over Orlando YCF.  Photos and stories from the weekend are still coming in, but right now a congratulations to Riptides for playing a solid weekend of water polo and taking 1st.  We're already planning for 2014's Powerbar Cup, Aug 23-24 2014, and wondering who will be pictured here then!

2013 Powerbar Cup Standings:
1st  Riptides
2nd Triangle Water Polo Club
3rd Dynamo A
4th Orlando YCF
5th Dynamo B
6th Jacksonville
7th Charlotte
8th UF
9thOrlando United
10th GT
11th Gainesville
12th Trout

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pool Repair On Schedule!

Check it!
Adding water now...  Should be full by tomorrow.
Thursday and Sunday we're still practicing @Dynamo - Alpharetta.  Next Tuesday, we should be back home! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Operation: Dynamo Renovation

Just in case you need proof that Dynamo is investing in a major renovation, Stu Sheldon has snapped a few photos of the work in progress.  This is a giant effort by our facility -- certainly the biggest project since I've been around!   Projected to be back in swimming order by Aug 20!
Outdoor 50m pool:

Indoor pool below:

Tear the roof off the mother:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Atlanta Dynamo wins 2013 South Atlantic Coast Championship!

This summer, Greensboro North Carolina was the site of the South Atlantic Coast Championship.  This tournament brought together the best teams in the South Atlantic for a multi-site, multi-weekend competition that determined the best team in the region.   This year Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo claimed the 1st place overall with an undefended record.  Full coverage:   http://npaper-wehaa.com/yes-weekly/2013/07/03/?article=1946896

May 19th @Hickory, NC YMCA

May 19:  Dynamo Vs. Charlotte Sharks W (7-2)
May 19  Dynamo Vs. Triad Water Polo W (11-3)
May 19 Dynamo Vs. Triangle Water Polo W (12-3)

Brian Twynham gets open in hole and shoots against Charlotte Sharks @ Hickory 5/19
June 8th & 9th @Greensboro, NC Aquatic Center:
June 8 Dynamo Vs. Baltimove Water Polo Club W (23-13)
June 8 Dynamo Vs. Triangle Water Polo W (9-5)
June 8 Dynamno Vs. Richmond Water Polo W (11-5)
June 9 Dynamo Vs. Charlotte Sharks   W (13-9)

Team photo after series championship game, June 9th @ Greensboro Aquatic Center

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dynamo finishes 1-3 in St. Petersburg, FL

Dynamo's first game was against South Florida.  The team played press defense right off the bat.  Strong hole defending by Kenny provided a solid backbone for the team.  With more power than speed, Dynamo played set offense involving big men, Kiwi and Tony.  The team started off with a few hasty passes into sloughed defenders but quickly adapted and began working the ball around the perimeter for some "first time" shots.  Once they recognized the outside threat, SF began to commit on the perimeter and Dynamo was able to feed the hole.  It was a close game throughout but Dynamo was able to maintain a lead in the fourth quarter and take the game 7-5. 

The next game versus NYAC was not as even.  Dynamo was able to put up a fight in the first quarter, taking a 2-1 lead.  Matt Duggan scored a wicked backhand with two defenders on him.  NYAC, however, proved to be on another level and dominated the rest of the game with endless fast breaks and drives, winning the game 20-5.  The third game was versus the Caribbean All-Stars.  Dynamo continued with a press defense as it had been working quite well.  Meanwhile, CAS played a zone defense and tried to force Dynamo into taking shots past multiple arms.  CAS ended up winning 7-10 in a hard fought game.  On Sunday, Dynamo faced off against Tampa Bay.  Tampa took a commanding lead in the first quarter 4-1.  Dynamo bounced back in the second to even the score.  The second half was more or less a slugfest as both teams scored goal after goal.  A hard earned goal in the fourth quarter by Javi had the team rallying but Dynamo could not catch up and lost 11-13.

The Cinco de Mayo tournament is always a fun time.  Look for us to be back next year!

Special thanks to Brett, Martin, Sarah, Kevin and others who played with us during the weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dynamo join forces at the Lake Erie Classic

This past weekend, a group of ordinary people assembled in Cleveland, OH. Six of them came to the Sixth City to compete in the Lake Erie Classic.

Post championship game

Dynamo's first game was against Case Western University.  The team started off strong with several quick goals from AK Mashhoon and Andy Neff who both converted on their "first time" shots.  A strong press defense and consistent play lead to a convincing win over Case Western 14-2.  The next game had Dynamo facing off against Ohio University.  Much of the same carried over from the first game and allowed for a nearly flawless game over Ohio University 14-1. From a spectator's point of view, the team was playing together as a cohesive unit like they had been training with each other for months. The team was talking to each other on defense, calling for switches and drops into hole, and setting up on offense, taking time to pass around the perimeter before setting the ball.

The third game of the day was against the home team Cleveland Gold. Dynamo exchanged cheerful words with their coach and player, Kasi, but little did he know that they were all plotting to get him rolled. Things became a little tense in the first quarter when Cleveland scored the first goal of the game and Dynamo trailed for the first time in the tournament. With Cleveland sporting several XL players and a bigger bench, the competition had kicked up a notch in terms of skill and difficulty.  Dynamo came prepared, however, and switched to a 4-2 drop which totally shut down Gold's offense. From then on, Dynamo was able to rally on offense with a myriad of fast breaks, outside shots, and sweep shots. Regrettably, no backhands were performed. The team ended up winning 15-4 vs Cleveland and finished the day 3-0.

Before calling it a day, the team gathered in the stands to watch an exciting game happening between the Columbus Youth and Cleveland Red. After a neck and neck fourth quarter, the Youth emerged victorious.  Dynamo watched helplessly as the massive bench moved in unison to shake hands. The team could only hope for a good night's rest before facing them in the championship game.

The team woke up early to mentally prep and loosen up after a hard night of partying, "Kasi style". Dynamo's strategy was to not let the young players swim them to exhaustion and use as much of the shot clock as possible on each possession.  The game got off to a quick start as both teams netted goals but things looked grim for Dynamo as both Steve Larson and Mike Wong received two exclusion fouls in the first quarter.  The team needed to regroup during the break and find a way to stop the Youth's relentless offense.  They decided to fallback to the 4-2 drop in order to stop their drivers.  With their driving lanes cut off, the Youth on the perimeter could only watch in horror as Richard Lau acted as a Cerberus and attacked, not defended, the center forward with ferocity.  The only option left for Columbus was to shoot the ball into the hands of Taylor, the goalkeeper from Houston.  Dynamo held strong for the remainder of the game and emerged victorious with a score of 15-7.  Check out the postgame picture below!

The final game for Dynamo was an exhibition match versus a combined team of Cleveland Red and Gold.  Dynamo stuck to their game plan of alternating between 4-2 drop and press defense.  The match was much closer than previous games and the score went back and forth.  The second half became quite physical with the Cleveland team aggressively pressing on the perimeter as well as denying any sort of set offense.  The team relied on several key fast breaks and man up opportunities to put numbers on the board and focused whatever energy they had left on defense.  The score was tied at 7-7 with less than 30 seconds remaining and Cleveland, with possession, called a timeout.  They were keen on making their last play count.  Dynamo went with the 4-2 drop to force a shot or bad pass from the perimeter.  The strong defense paid off and Cleveland made a forced pass into hole where two Dynamo players quickly snatched the ball.  Now, what follows is a personal account along with the opinion of several key witnesses of what transpired in the last seconds of that grueling game.  With the clock winding down to zero, Richard picked up the ball and threw a Hail Mary shot across the pool which skipped top right, ricocheted off the post, behind the goalkeeper's head, off the other post and in.  Epic.  Alas, the referee, bounded by his relative space, did not see that the ball indeed did leave the hand before the buzzer.  The game went on to sudden death overtime with no golden goal being attained by either team.  A great game to finish a fantastic tournament nonetheless.

Cleveland proved to be an awesome city after all and people welcomed us as if we were bunny rabbits.  They kept saying how good Dynamo was and how we really looked like a well formed team.  We put into practice what we've worked on the past few months and despite not having a full team, we were able to listen to each other and just play good water polo.

Look for us to be back next year Cleveland!

Special thanks to Spitz, Bob, Kacy, Nico, Robin, Louie, and anyone else that stepped in for us. Y'all are awesome!

One more shout out to the duo from Houston, Richard and Taylor, and Steve Larson from GT.  Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You made it!

You've made it here to our new Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo website!  We are in the process of transitioning sites, so please check back if you like, or wait for our release email for when we go live.  You may also visit our current site at: http://www.dynamowaterpolo.com/
Hit me up if you have any questions!
--L a w r e n c e