Sunday, August 28, 2016

PowerBar 2016 Masters Results

Dynamo wins 2016 PowerBar Cup for the second year in a row!

The Atlanta home team, Dynamo, defends their reigning title at this PowerBar Cup 2016.  They won the day with a come-from-behind 9-8 morning victory against a very tough NOVA team, and then used the momentum in the afternoon to defeat the Riptides (12-8) in the championship game.

This year, 12 teams competed in this masters division, with teams from GA, FL, NC, DC, OH.  Full score details for the tournament can be found here:

Thanks to all players for coming to Atlanta and taking part in our twenty something year of this tournament!

Masters Standings:

1st - Dynamo A7th - FL Ballers
2nd - Riptides 8th - Dynamo B
3rd - NOVA9th - GT Alum
4th - Triangle 10th - Gainesville
5th - South Florida11th - Cleveland
6th - JAcksonville12th - Charlotte

PowerBar 2016 High School Results

St. Pius wins HS division of the 2016 PowerBar Cup!

In a very close 1st place game, which came down to the final seconds, St. Pius wins over the riptides 7-6 in regular time.

13 teams competed in this high school division, with teams from GA, FL, & TN.  Full score details for the tournament can be found here.

HS Standings:

1st - St. Pius8th - APS
2nd - Riptides9th - GAC
3rd - Lakeside10th - Wildcats
4th - Bluff City A11th - North Springs
5th - Southern Crescent12th - Bluff City B
6th - Norcross13th - Collins Hill Girls
7th - Collins Hill

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hungry for Water Polo?

Hey.  HEY!   Here is the SCHEDULE !!!  

This is for the 2016 PowerBar Cup hosted by Atlanta Dynamo Water Polo

Games this weekend : SAT 27 & SUN 28

Join us for Food & Drinks on SAT @  Moe's BBQ on 14th St. @ 7:30pm - ???

Also, please follow photos and action at #PowerBarCup at all social mediaz.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dynamo Youth, Represent

This is what Dynamo Youth was up to in June at our first travel tournament competition! 

1. Competed in our first travel tournament for Dynamo Youth at 2016 Florida Sunshine State Games held in Coral Springs, FL (June 24-26) 
2. Girls Finished with a 2-2 record playing 18&u Division.
3. Ethan Roman played for a FL team representing Dynamo (16&u Boys), team was from SEP Orlando and he "metaled" with a 2nd place in his division.

Hannah Rakoski (17) Jess Hume (18), Catherine Hume (18), Jaime Matherson (14), Maddie Ta (14), Clare Wheeler (15), Molly Haynes (14),  Carolina Benoit (17), Allison Vermaak (15), Amanda Mobley (17),and Julianna Friese (17), Ethan Roman (15)

Monday, November 9, 2015

PowerBar Cup 2015 - Masters Results

Atlanta Dynamo takes 1st place in their hometown PowerBar cup.

This '15 PowerBar boasted a competitive fourteen team lineup of masters teams, with teams from the southeast as well as New York and Cleveland.  For the first time in a decade Dynamo won it's home tournament -- with the last three games being decided with a single goal difference.  Thanks for all who attended and we look forward to defending our title next year in the '16 PowerBar Cup!

1st Dynamo Green (ATL) 8th Georgia Tech
2nd Asphalt Green (NY) 9th Dynamo Gold (ATL)
3rd YCF (Orlando) 10th Charlotte (NC)
4th Riptides (Miami) 11th Gainesville
5th  Jacksonville 12th Tampa Bay
6th Triangle (NC) 13th Cleveland
7th GA Tech Alum 14th Bluff City (TN)

Game Scores

Game# White  Dark  Score
1 Dynamo Green Bluff City 19 - 2
2 GA Tech Jacksonville 3 - 22
3 GA Tech Alum Charlotte 5 - 9
4 Gainesville YCF 4 - 16
5 Tampa Bay Dynamo Gold 10 - 13
6 Cleaveland Triangle 5 - 17
7 Jacksonville Dynamo Green 10 - 11
8 Asphalt Green  Charlotte 17 - 7
9 GA Tech Bluff City 14  - 8
10 Riptides Dynamo Gold 12 - 6
11 Triangle  YCF 11 - 12
12 Gainesville Cleveland  9 - 7
13 Bluff City Jacksonville 0 -16 
14 Asphalt Green  Georgia Tech Alum 17 - 6
15 Georgia Tech Dynamo Green 3- 16
16 Riptides  Tampa 8 - 10
17 Cleaveland YCF 10 - 18

Game Scores (Con't)

Game# White  Dark  Score
18 Gainesville Triangle 6 - 11
19 Charolotte Riptides 5 - 11
21 Dynamo Gold GA Tech Alum 7 - 4
23 Jacksonville Dynamo Gold 11 - 6
24 Triangle Charlotte 14 - 9
25 Bluff City Cleveland 7 - 12
26 Tampa Bay GA Tech Alum 8 - 12
27 Dynamo Green YCF 10 - 9
28 Riptides Asphalt Green 9 - 15
29 Jacksonville Triangle 8 - 7
30 Dynamo Gold Charlotte 8 - 5
31 GA Tech Alum GA Tech 9 - 14
32 Tampa Bay Gainesville 8 - 10
33 Dynamo Green Asphalt Green 12 - 11
34 YCF Riptides 15 - 9

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dynamo Three-peat @ South Atlantic Water Polo League Championship!

L-R: Matt Ryan, Michael Rojas, Stu Sheldon, Graham Olson, Kevin Hughes (back), Neal Laxpati (front), Perry Brandes, Dave Courter (back), Erin Cunefare (front, w/ trophy), Robert Brandes, Leo Panagiotakopoulos.

Dynamo Water Polo Club carried home their third-straight South Atlantic Coast Water Polo League championship at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, NC.  Their 5-0 record this weekend runs Dynamo WPC to 28-0 in SACWPL matches.  They are the only champion in the three year history of the league.

“Defense wins championships” explained Dynamo WPC player/coach Leo Panagiotakopoulos.  “Especially in the championship against the Charlotte Sharks, we emphasized strong defense above all else.  Our focus generated blocks, turnovers and counterattack opportunities that we converted.  Real team water polo.”

For the third year in a row, Dynamo took a very different line-up to Greensboro.  The 2015 roster included an age spread of 38 years from oldest to youngest player.  Both seventeen, Perry Brandes (Alpharetta H.S. 2016) and Michael Rojas (Collins Hill H.S. 2016) provided dynamic energy, especially on defense and in transition.  Just back from her freshman varsity campaign at Cal Lutheran University, Erin Cunefare (Lakeside H.S. 2014) demonstrated maturity, skill and strength in all four phases of the game including a perfect 5M penalty goal.  “Our sustained results over the past three years, in this league and other tournaments, is a credit to Coach Leo,” explained one DWPC player.  “We’ve had good players for over twenty years but Coach Leo has us all playing clear individual roles within a well-understood system.”

Dynamo easily dispatched Hampton Roads (VA) in its first match.  Triangle (NC) was next on the schedule.  After a close first half, the speed and fitness of Dynamo broke through and Triangle fell away.  The last Saturday match put Dynamo against the Washington Wetskins.  This match was closer than planned but Dynamo made defensive adjustments in the third quarter and pulled away early in the fourth.

Championship Sunday started with an 8AM Dynamo match against Greensboro (NC).  After a comfortable win, Dynamo grabbed some rest before they faced the Charlotte Sharks for the championship, at 11:30AM.  Dynamo grumbled about an 8AM game while the Sharks didn’t play until the championships, but perhaps the “wake up” game was a blessing in disguise.  Coach Leo had Dynamo prepped for Charlotte with a hybrid “triple match-up” defense and topped off with PowerBars for energy.  Dynamo led by six goals at the half, but Charlotte made a big push early in the third and closed the gap to three.  If not for two beautiful, deep “on the hand” outlet passes from Dynamo goalie Neal Laxpati that led to quick counterattack goals, the Dynamo lead would’ve been down to a single goal by the end of the third.  Dynamo fitness and patience on offense held the Sharks at bay and delivered a third SACWPL championship trophy for the team from Atlanta.


Monday, September 29, 2014

PowerBar 2014 Results

Twenty-four teams across the Southeast came together at the Dynamo Aquatic Center to compete in the 16th annual PowerBar Cup. The tournament featured 12 teams for both Masters and High School divisions. Saturday had teams battling it out in their groups for a spot in the playoffs. Though there were no surprises in Masters' group play, newcomer Raleigh broke seed to finish 2nd in their group for the HS division. This set up a "perfect" Sunday as the top seeds faced off against one another in a round of semi-finals filled with excitement. In the Masters' division, Riptides won over Jacksonville while Dynamo narrowly edged out YCF in a thrilling semi-final.   

Riptides Masters Team After Championship Game

In the High School division, the top two Georgia contenders in Norcross Blue Devils and St. Pius were not able to overcome their Florida competitors in Riptides and Orlando United, respectively.  The championship game had Riptides take on Orlando United.  An even match-up and familiar play styles proved to be a recipe for suspense.  The match was neck and neck much of the time but Riptides managed to pull ahead in the fourth quarter.  Orlando did not give up and continued to play hard but could only manage to come within one goal of the 2014 winners.  Final score:  11-10 Riptides
Riptides High School Team, After HS Championship Game

The championship game featured old rivals, Dynamo and Riptides, in a rematch of last year's semi-final.  Both teams came out strong but it was Riptides that lead by one at the end of the first quarter.  Dynamo responded well in the second as they scored 3 unanswered goals to make it 5-3 at halftime.  Two quick goals in the third by Dynamo swung the momentum heavily in their favor.  However, Riptides would not go down so easily and ended the quarter strong 3-2 in their favor.  With a two goal lead 8-6 at the start of the fourth, Dynamo tried desperately to close out the game.  However, Riptides played tough defense and shutdown Dynamo while scoring four unanswered goals.  It wasn't until late in the fourth with time dwindling that heroics from Kevin Hughes', former Dynamo youth star and now captain of the UGA men's water polo team, saved Dynamo from defeat in regulation.  Displaying both power and grace with both overhand and lob shots from the outside, Kevin tied the game at 10-10.  The match was to be settled in sudden death overtime.  Riptides won the sprint and called for a timeout.  With the offense setup perfectly, Dynamo would have to respond with flawless defense; however, the home team would give up an exclusion foul.  Riptides capitalized on the man-up situation to win the game 11-10 and become PowerBar Cup 2014 champions.

Here are the standings:

1. Riptides
2. Dynamo A
3. YCF
4. Jacksonville
5. Triangle
6. GT Alum
7. Tampa
8. Dynamo B
9 - 11 tie:  Charlotte, Orlando, Gainesville
12. Cleveland

1. Riptides
2. Orlando United
3. St. Pius
4. Norcross A
5. Collins Hill
6. Raleigh
7. GAC
8. North Springs
9. Norcross B
10. Dalton
11. APS
12. Wildcats / APS